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Less New Programming on Kurdish TV This Ramadan

Less New Programming on Kurdish TV This Ramadan

18 Temmuz 2012 Çarşamba 10:53
Local Kurdish television channels consider Ramadan a good opportunity to compete with each other and attract viewers.

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region -- However, Rudaw has learned that this year will be different, with most channels having nothing new to offer.

Hawar Muhammad, a faithful follower of the popular Korean dramas “Ju Mong” and “Seon Deok” that air on KTV and Kurdsat, believes that competition among channels is not always necessary, especially when it comes to dramas.

"We can only watch two dramas in one night, so it is not good to have too many at the same time. Also, the Korean dramas on most of the channels repeat the same content," Muhammad said.

Mansour Safar, a Kurdish resident of Norway, echoed many of those interviewed by Rudaw who complained about the poor quality of Kurdish dramas. "It is a sin to watch useless dramas that have no content,” he said, adding that he only watches the work of Sulaimani-based comedian Mahir Hassan and actors from the Rangala Group.

Kurdsat TV has always heralded Ramadan with new programming. But Amanj Kamal, the station’s program director, said, "This time we do not have new programs other than the Korean series ‘Seon Deok.’"

Haidar Mustafa, director of Gali Kurdistan TV, notified viewers that "we do not have any special programs this month," while Zagros TV announced that it might rebroadcast an older drama.

Many viewers wait every night for a new episode of “Ju Mong,” dubbed in Kurdish. Kurdsat TV’s program director, Kamil Fakhraddin, said that the drama consists of 120 episodes which will be enough for Ramadan.

Fakhraddin added that, due to the popularity of Korean, Turkish and Persian dramas, Kurdish dramas have become less appealing.

Speda and Payam TV, which mainly air Persian and Turkish dramas, have succeeded in presenting new programs during the month of Ramadan every year.

Ghazi Ali, Speda TV’s program director, expressed his pleasure with their new Turkish drama “Path of Destiny.”

He added, "We have prepared another Persian drama called ‘Daspek’ that we plan to air during the last days of Ramadan. The Turkish dramas are educational while the Persian ones are more social, educational and entertaining."

Payam TV will air the Persian series “Khosh Nishin.” The station’s program director, Paywand Omar, said, "For the month of Ramadan, we will change the style of our programs. We have 10 programs that are serious and educational."

Meanwhile, Khawe Film will rebroadcast an older Korean drama because, according to director Pishtiwan Hassan, they were not able to finish dubbing a new one. Hassan also complained about the increase in agencies providing dubbing services and the low quality of their work.

"We will finish dubbing this new Korean drama in the middle of Ramadan and Kurdsat TV can broadcast it on the 20th of that month," added Hassan.

Khawa Film has been working in this field for four years and has so far dubbed five Korean dramas. "So far, we have dubbed 3,500 hours of drama and continue to attempt to present better work," added Hassan.


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